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Launched in 2014, OnSky was one of the pioneers in smart home solution. It is recognized in Silicon Valley as the innovative startup with the world’s first and only Hybrid-Mesh technology that can extend range through many walls and cover entire large building. With a solid foundation of innovative technologies, stylish designs, high quality and safety, and the “Designed & Assembled in USA” origin, OnSky is a brand trusted by many partners such as LUMILEDS (Philips), Barron, Titan LED, Arrow Electronics, Sport Arena, OHGA, … Besides USA, OnSky products have been sold in many countries such as Taiwan, India, Korea, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. OnSky smart home products are certified with FCC and ETL (UL standard) that ensure safety and healthy environment for users.
Tại sao chọn chúng Onsky
Tại sao chọn chúng Onsky

Innovative and Unmatched Technologies

OnSky Virtual Guardian, powered by the proprietary Artificial Intelligence, redefines and completely changes the concept of smart home. OnSky devices think and act on the user’s logic to maximize protection and comfort for user’s home and family.

The outstanding Hybrid-Mesh™ technology assures all smart devices to be always connected. It can penetrate through many concrete walls, hence, it enables OnSky solution to cover from large home to big building.

Furthermore, the Cloud-based Security Calling Service will alert and inform users immediately by direct calls and SMS text messages when intruders, smoke or poisonous gas is detected, whether users are at home or away from home. This technology can protect homeowners’ properties and even save life!

Comprehensive Smart Home & Smart Office Solutions

OnSky solution is comprehensive and adaptable, that is not only for residential but also for commercial and industrial buildings such as buildings, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals… OnSky solution is scalable. User can start with basic package and then continue to upgrade with more devices and new functions over time without changing the initial system.
Tại sao chọn chúng Onsky
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