Redefine Smart Home with Innovation

OnSky redefines the Smart Home with its breakthrough technologies that integrate Internet of Things (IoT) with Artificial Intelligence (AI). We create unique and practical technologies to optimize security, safety, comfort and energy saving for you and your family.

Định nghĩa smarthome đích thực
Định nghĩa smarthome đích thực

OnSky Artificial Intelligence, Truly Smart

OnSky Artificial Intelligence redefines the concept of smart home. OnSky Gateway is the brain of the system and it is powered by our proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms. OnSky Gateway and smart devices think and act automatically based on the human’s logic to maximize the protection and comfort for you and your family. This will enable the true home automation, even without touching the screen of the mobile devices.

Besides the smart devices of OnSky, our Gateway has the capability to control smart devices and LED lights from Philips, GE, Belkin, Samsung and many others in the market. This capability and intelligence of OnSky are unmatched as other smart home solutions can only control smart devices of their own brand. OnSky Gateway is truly smart!

Hybrid-Mesh™ technology: Breaking the Walls, Virtually

Wireless signal is degraded significantly when it travels through walls and objects. That is why wireless alone cannot be a reliable communication for smart lighting and security.

OnSky is the world’s only smart home solution using the Hybrid-Mesh™ or “Breaking-the-Wall” technology that integrates wireless and powerline communication (PLC). This is one of many innovative technologies that were invented by the founder and chairman of OnSky, Mr. Hung C. Nguyen, who holds over 35 patents.

OnSky’s outstanding Hybrid-Mesh™ technology offers a smart home system that is “always connected”. It penetrates through many concrete walls and can cover big home and building. This special technology also makes the installation simple and fast, without having to drill the wall and running too many cables.

Định nghĩa smarthome đích thực
Định nghĩa smarthome đích thực

Security and Safety: OnSky Cloud-based Security Calling Service

OnSky Smart Home system includes complete solution for security and safety. Powered by the Security Calling over cloud service, when security or safety is breached, the Gateway places calls and SMS messages directly to the homeowner’s mobile phone and his family members’ phones in multiple times to get their attention. This is an important feature because other solutions in the market only send out alert to mobile devices. In this case, user may not be able to see the alert or the app may not be on at the time.

Unlike other systems in the market that users have to buy additional system for 3G sim card, OnSky Security Calling feature is built in the Gateway. You can easily activate this special service by contacting OnSky representatives to register.

Innovative All-in-One products

OnSky not only offers outstanding smart home technology, but also offers innovative multi-functional devices, optimizing security, safety, comfort and energy savings.

Innovative all-in-one smart devices such as Universal Gateway, Smart Light Switch, Smart Adapters… help your smart home system operate more effectively and increase their value and usefulness at much less cost.

Định nghĩa smarthome đích thực
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