Comprehensive Solutions

OnSky is a solution provider and manufacturer of the comprehensive, reliable and high performance smart home systems. OnSky smart home solutions are not only for residential but also for commercial and industrial buildings such as buildings, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals,…

With a solid foundation of technology in Artificial Intelligence, Hybrid-MeshTM and cloud services, OnSky offers customers the truly smart, efficient and practical smart home solutions with modern lifestyle design. You can completely enjoy your life and carry on your daily activities while your home and family are being protected and monitored consistently by the OnSky smart home systems and OnSky apps.


The brain of the OnSky smart home solution is its Gateway (OS-UniGW-110) that controls and monitors every smart device of OnSky. As long as you have an OnSky Gateway, you can purchase new devices and easily upgrade the OnSky smart home system at any time, that is to add on new controllability and features to your home. Here is an example.

Free Mobile Apps

OnSky supports free mobile apps: iOS and Android. You can download “OnSky Smart” app from Google Play Store or Apple Store for general smart home and security control. For surveillance video camera, you can download “OnSky CAM” app from those stores.

OnSky offers free Wall Panel app (“OnSky Panel”) that can be installed in any Android tablet and it will become a beautiful home control panel. The home control panel can be placed anywhere on the wall to allow you to easily and quickly access security, lighting and other devices.

True Smart Home

Virtual Guardian™: OnSky Smart Home with Professional Security

If you are looking for a smart home system that integrates professional security, you are in the right place. OnSky’s Gateway (OS-UniGW-110) is the brain of the system and it is acting as a Virtual Guardian™. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, its mission is to maximize the security, safety, comfort and energy saving for your home. You will be happy, enjoyable and comfortable inside your home. You will also feel confident that your home and family are safe and sound as being protected by the OnSky Virtual Guardian™.

Highly Reliable Connectivity and Long Range

OnSky is the world’s first smart home company that integrates powerline communication (PLC) and wireless in its products to achieve the most reliable communication between its smart devices. This technology is called the “Hybrid-Mesh™” that enables highly reliable smart home and security system over long range and large coverage area such as big houses and buildings.

Easy Installation

The Hybrid-Mesh™ uses existing powerlines in the walls and wireless for connectivity, so there is much less effort of running wires or breaking walls (some are still required such as light switch and light installation). Powered by the Artificial Intelligence, it is easy to install OnSky devices as they are automatically looking to join the Gateway at the installation time.

Smart Security & Safety

Professional Security and Safety

The primary concern of most people is the security and safety of their homes when they are away from home and even when they are at home. At OnSky we care about your security and safety as the first priority in our offering. Our Gateway, the Virtual Guardian™, controls and monitors other smart devices to protect your home 24/7/365. Our comprehensive security and safety solution includes indoor camera, outdoor camera, door sensor, motion sensor, siren (alarm), smoke detector, CO detector (carbon monoxide) and more.

Most smart home solutions in the market use wireless alone for communication between the devices. However, wireless such as Wifi or Zigbee is not able to go through multiple concrete walls and this will cause unreliable security issues. With OnSky smart home and security solution, we use the proprietary Hybrid-Mesh™ (powerline communication and IEEE 802.15.4 wireless) along with Wifi and Zigbee. Therefore, even when Wifi is down, the Virtual Guardian™ will continue to supervise all smart devices in your house reliably because it can still use powerline, IEEE 802.15.4 wireless and/or Zigbee for communication links.

OnSky is not just a smart home solution, it is a professional security and safety system.

Smart Home Security Starter Kit

OnSky offers the basic smart home security starter kit that you can purchase and start to experience the confidence and happiness that this innovative and reliable system will bring to your home and family. The installation is very easy as you can follow the instruction. Or you can contact one of our authorized dealers for professional installation.

After using the starter kit, you can decide to add on many more smart devices from OnSky at any time in the future. Our products are designed to work with the Virtual Guardian™ (Gateway), so upgrading and scaling up your system should be a simple task to do.

All-in-One Products: Each Device has Multi-Functions

OnSky products are unique and innovative that significantly enhance the comfort, energy saving and also security for users. Each of our smart home devices is designed to include multiple functions from smart home control to security. Most devices can communicate to the Gateway via multiple links: powerline communication (PLC) and wireless.

Smart Light Switch (OS-LSW-121/123): it includes motion sensor to provide security and energy saving. It can also act as repeater to extend range for other devices.

Security & Safety Plug (OS-PlugS-120): it is a smart plug with motion sensor to provide security and energy saving. It can also act as a repeater to extend range for other devices.

Multi-purpose Adapter (OS-LAM-110/130): this tiny device packs multiple features and functions: controller for lighting, AC, curtain, water pump for fish tank, garden sprinkler and other home appliances. Combined with the motion sensor OS-MS-310, it can also become a security and energy saving device. This multi-purpose adapter is also an effective repeater.

Special Security Calling Service: Keep Burglars away from your home!

OnSky system is designed to provide homeowners the best-in-class and professional security and safety protection. The Special Security Calling service is offered in all smart home solutions of OnSky. When an OnSky system is armed in security mode, if intruder is detected or smoke (or poisonous gas) is detected, it will take the following actions to protect your home and family:

  • Activate the loud siren to scare intruder away and to get neighbor’s attention
  • Send alert message to your mobile phone
  • Special Security Calling: Make direct call to you, your family members and/or neighbors (programmable) so you can get quick emergency response
  • Special Security Calling: Send SMS text message to your mobile phone with location of security breach inside your home

The Special Security Calling service is based on monthly/yearly subscription (optional service) and it is free for the first 12 months from the date of purchasing the system.

Smart Energy Management & Smart LED Lights

Smart Energy Management & Smart LED Lights

OnSky Smart Home system can be installed and used in any existing houses, offices and buildings. Our smart devices can control your appliances including existing lights such as fluorescent, CFL or others. In this case, OnSky system can manage your lights and save up to 30% of energy usage by smart automatic control function and simple pre-set schedule (programmed via app).
We recommend that you use our high quality LED lights for your home, office or building along with OnSky Smart Home system. In this case, you can enjoy additional 50% energy saving by using these LED lights.