Smart Office

OnSky is all about aesthetic & modern style, saving energy and professional security for your office and building.

Aesthetic & Modern Office:

  • Our Luxury Smart Light Switch can be installed in every office and conference room. It has modern and elegant design with touch buttons on high-end glass and metal cover with various colors to choose.
  • Onsky LED lights are beautiful and energy-efficient. We offer LED downlights and LED panels for office environment.

Energy Saving for long-term:

  • LED lights already save about 50% of energy usage compare to regular traditional lights.
  • OnSky smart home system will save additional 30% of energy usage with automation mode and scheduling options.

Professional Security:

  • OnSky provides professional security with our indoor and outdoor cameras.
  • Coupled with the motion sensors and the security feature on the Smart Light Switch, your office and building will be secured during off-hours.
  • You can monitor your office, indoor and outdoor, at anytime and anywhere using OnSky Cloud service and mobile apps.
  • With the Special Security Calling service subscribed, if intruder or smoke are detected, OnSky’s Virtual Guardian™ will call you (and other members) directly to get your attention. This will enhance the level of security for your office.

All are possible because of the Hybrid-Mesh™ technology from OnSky. Most security companies would have to run wires and break walls for the installation, that can be expensive and inconvenient. Or some companies may try to use wireless solutions. However, wireless cannot go through multiple concrete walls and floors. Therefore, wireless security system is typically not reliable for office and building as it covers large area and many floors. OnSky uses our proprietary Hybrid-MeshTM that uses both existing powerlines (in the walls) and wireless for communication. In addition, it also supports other wireless: Wifi and Zigbee. Therefore, OnSky solution can be considered as the best-in-class and professional security system for offices and buildings.