Wireless Motion Sensor

SKU: OS-MS-310
Operated by battery, OnSky motion sensor not only detects motion, but also enhances security and safety features.

  • Work with OnSky Universal Gateway
  • Compact design, suitable for many space
  • Controlled by OnSky Smart app, free download in Apple App Store and Google App Store
  • Simple and fast installation

Designed & Assembled in USA

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OnSky motion sensor utilizes infrared to scan movements when people are in the coverage areas to maximize the protection of your home and family and increase the capacity of energy saving for the light that is connected. The installation is simple and fast, less than 5 minutes.

Automation and security
In normal mode, motion sensor will turn on/off the lights automatically as people come and go to save energy.

Security feature is especially focused on this sensor. When an intrusion is detected, the sensor will send a signal to the gateway. Then the gateway will trigger safety alarm system such as turn on siren and lights, pop up alert on the OnSky Smart app and make a call/send SMS to registered phone numbers.

You can safely control your home at anytime and anywhere in the world through OnSky Smart app that is available in Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Battery type:DC3V CR123
Detecting range:
Detecting angle:
Up to 110 degrees
Working protocol
IEEE 802.15.4: 2.4 GHz
Communication distance:Up to 60m
Net weight:
Dimension (H x W x D):89 x 68 x 51 mm
Warranty: 12 months
ManualsDownload at Onsky_User_Guide_v1.2.4.


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