Smoke Detector

OnSky smoke detector helps detect signs quickly before a fire occurs, thereby preventing fire or limiting damage to people and property.

  • Work with OnSky Universal Gateway
  • Activate multiple alarms in a timely
  • Controlled by OnSky Smart app, free download in Apple App Store and Google App Store
  • Simple and fast installation

Designed & Assembled in USA

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The smoke detector is capable of detecting smoke when it is at high level based on EN 54-7 and EN 14604 standards. It uses the photoelectric sensor technology.

Maximum safety
When smoke level is high, the smoke detector will send a signal to the gateway. Then the gateway will trigger safety alarm system such as turn on siren and lights, pop up alert on the OnSky Smart app and make a call/SMS to registered phone numbers. In addition, the smoke detector also emits its built-in siren sound.

Flexible wireless connection
Operated by battery and using Zigbee signal to transmit and connect to OnSky Universal Gateway. The installation is simple and fast, less than 5 minutes. The smoke detector will always send you a warning in the case of a power failure because of using battery.

You can safely control your home at anytime and anywhere in the world through OnSky Smart app that is available in Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Battery type:DC3V CR123
Smoke detection:
Based on EN 54-7 & EN 14604 standard
Built-in siren:85dB
Working protocol
IEEE 802.15.4: 2.4 GHz
Communication distance:
Up to 60m
Net weight:

Dimension (H x R):65 x 125 mm
12 months
Manuals: Download at Onsky_User_Guide_v1.2.4


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