Smart Siren

OnSky siren is a safe burglar alarm for your home.

  • Work with OnSky Universal Gateway
  • AC powered and battery powered
  • Controlled by OnSky Smart app, free download in Apple App Store and Google App Store
  • Simple and fast installation

Designed & Assembled in USA

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Smart siren is an important part of OnSky security system which work harmony with other security/safety devices such as motion sensors, door sensors, smoke and CO detectors to fully protect your home.

Complete security system
When an intrusion is detected, the sensor will send a signal to the gateway. Then the gateway will trigger safety alarm system such as turn on siren and lights, pop up alert on the OnSky Smart app and make a call/send SMS to registered phone numbers.

Flexible wireless connection
Operated by AC power, backup battery time up to 15 hours and using Zigbee signal to transmit and connect to OnSky Universal Gateway. The smart siren can be plugged in any AC power outlets for quick and simple installation, less than 5 minutes. With its rechargeable battery, the siren can still function if it was removed from the AC power outlet.

This smart siren is also used as a repeater to extend the connection range for Zigbee devices in the system.

You can safely control your family at anytime and anywhere in the world via OnSky Smart app which is available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store


Backup battery:
Ni-MH AAA x 4
Backup battery time:
15 hours
Operating humidity:Maximum 85%
Sound pressure:
95dB @ 1m
Working protocol
IEEE 802.15.4: 2.4 GHz
Communication distance:
Up to 60m
Net weight:
Dimension (H x W x D):99 x 63 x 76 mm
Power supply:
110–240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
Warranty: 12 months


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