Smart Multi-Purpose Adapter

OnSky smart adapter is the first and only multi-purposes adapter in the world that integrates both PLC and Wireless.

  • Work with OnSky Universal Gateway
  • Control of all electrical connection devices and non LED lights
  • Controlled by OnSky Smart app, free download in Apple App Store and Google App Store
  • Simple and fast installation

Designed & Assembled USA

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It is likely that you and your visitors will be surprised, as almost all of the electrical equipment in your home can be easily controlled remotely without the presence of adapters throughout the home. OnSky adapters will be cleverly concealed and still retain their functions.

Stable connection, reliable communication
The signal is always connected, penetrates many concrete walls and cover the whole building by using Hybrid-MeshTM technology. Along with its advantages, this technology also contributes to simplify the installation because of using the existing wires, not having to have separate signal wires.

Manage up to 5 groups of electrical equipment
Currently, OS-LAM-130 is the smart adapter that manages the most diverse electrical equipment groups on the market. It helps to maximize cost savings for the users. This multi-purpose adapter allows you to control various types of electrical connection devices such as air conditioners, fans, heaters, water pumps, curtains, water heaters…

You can set a schedule for multi-purposes adapter with easy operations on the app. Especially here is that although the internet signal is lost, the schedule still works normally because of PLC.

Energy saving
This adapter is capable of combining motion sensor operated without battery to increase energy efficiently. Motion sensor will turn on/off the lights automatically as people come and go to save energy.

Multi-functions – more convenient
The product integrates multiple smart home features in a single device that enhances the usefulness and convenience and also lowers the total cost for users.

This adapter is also used as a repeater to extend the connection range for the Hybrid-Mesh devices in the system.

You can safely control your electronic equipments at anytime and anywhere in the world via OnSky Smart app which is available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Each OnSky Universal Gateway manages up to 256 smart adapters.


Working protocol
2 to 28 MHz
Wireless:IEEE 802.15.4: 2.4 GHz
Net weight:
Dimension (H x W x D):80 x 82 x 50 mm
Power supply:

110-277VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output Relay
Output motion sensor:1 (5V)

24 months
Manuals: Download at Onsky_User_Guide_v1.2.4.


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