Commercial LED Panel Light

Rectangular Panel: OS-LEDPAN2-36WNORM, OS-LEDPAN2-36WDIM

OnSky Commercial LED Panel Light series include various models of LED lights with fixtures in the shape of square or rectangular that can be mounted on the ceiling. LED panel light can replace fluorescent panel at commercial building/office and will save more than 50% of energy. OnSky LED light offers significant energy-saving effect: 12W LED ceiling downlight can replace a 60W traditional ceiling light.


OnSky LED Panel Light has professional optical design with large light emitting area uniformly and softly. This offers a beautiful and high-end look for any environment. The fixture is made of high strength aluminum and the surface is sprayed paint with anti-static plastic that is corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation. This special design will sustain the professional look of the light for a very long time.

OnSky offers 2 types of Panel Lights:

  1. Normal: on and off (not dimmable)
  2. Dimmable: on, off and dimmable

The LED Panel Light can become “smart” by connecting it with an OnSky Smart Light Adapter module OS-LAM-110. Then these lights can be controlled remotely anywhere/anytime using mobile apps, scheduling or automatic cloud control for additional energy saving.

Offices, commercial buildings, schools, airports, hospitals, banks, …


All OnSky LED Lights can be transformed to “Smart LED”
by adding Smart Light Adapter OS-LAM-110


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