Hybrid-Mesh™: Breaking the Walls, Virtually

The World’s First Smart Home System with integration of Wireless and Powerline Communication (PLC)

How many times in a day would you lose Wifi signals on your tablet or cell phone? The answer is MANY times. Can wireless signal go through some concrete walls? No. Wireless signal gets degraded significantly when it travels through walls, doors, floors and objects. It is just physics! Therefore, it is a major problem of using wireless alone for security and smart lighting that require good connectivity at all times.

OnSky redefines smart home with the Hybrid-Mesh™ technology that enables highly robust and reliable link between the gateway and smart devices. The Hybrid-Mesh™ technology enables reliable and large coverage for commercial and industrial buildings. The Hybrid-Mesh™ technology includes powerline communication (PLC) and wireless (IEEE 802.15.4) in the same system. It has the capability to send commands through the existing power line in the walls and also wireless (over the air) simultaneously.

The benefits of Hybrid-Mesh™ are unmatched:

  • Penetrating through many walls and floors
  • Extending range and cover whole building
  • No wire installation is needed because it uses existing powerline in the walls
    Plug & Play
  • Besides the Hybrid-Mesh™ technology, OnSky also supports Zigbee, Wifi and Ethernet 10/100, that are the international standards for internet-of-things (IoT).

Conventional wireless solution:

Công nghệ “xuyên tường” Hybrid-Mesh™: Luôn kết nối

OnSky solution with Hybrid-Mesh™:

Công nghệ “xuyên tường” Hybrid-Mesh™: Luôn kết nối

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