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July 25,2018

Official distributor debut for OnSky in Viet Nam.


The Story

OnSky was founded by Mr. Hung C. Nguyen and a team of experts in Internet of Things (IoT). With over 25 years of experience in semiconductor, wireless, powerline communication, adaptive signal processing and Artificial Intelligence, Mr. Hung Nguyen is a well-known technologist and executive in Silicon Valley, USA.

Holding over 35 patents, Mr. Nguyen desires to transform innovation and passion to practical applications that can serve humanity for the better. OnSky is his latest creation that aims to redefine smart home and security with IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

Brainy. Happy. Family.

Love Begins At Home

“Love begins by taking care of the closest ones – the ones at Home” (by Mother Teresa). At Onsky we believe that a home is where the heart is. A home, that is secured, safe and smart, is the foundation of love and happiness. Onsky’s mission is to transform our Artificial Intelligence technology into a Virtual Guardian™ that is dedicated to perfect the security, safety, comfort and energy saving for your home and family. With Onsky’s Virtual Guardian™, you can be enjoyable, happy and worried-free whether you are at home or away from home.

True Smart Home

The brain of the smart home is the OnSky Universal Gateway that is powered by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Hybrid-MeshTM technologies. OnSky Gateway can control many devices and tasks at home automatically and intelligently. Our Hybrid-Mesh™ enables easy installation and “always-connected” solution, even for big houses, offices and buildings.

Always connected. Smarter than ever.

VERSATILE SOLUTION: From Smart Home to Smart Office

OnSky is a manufacturer and provider of comprehensive and also versatile smart solution for every customer’s needs. OnSky smart home solution is not only for residential but also for commercial and industrial buildings such as buildings, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Scalable. Adaptable.

Innovative Multi-Functional Products

Onsky offers full solution for smart home and smart office. Our products are ranging from smart light switches, smart plugs, sensors, TV/AC controller, … to high performance LED lights. Each smart device is designed with multiple unique, innovative and useful features that differentiates itself from other smart home devices in the market.

More Value. Less Cost.

Security and Safety Focused

Onsky Smart Home system includes complete solution for security and safety. Powered by the Security Calling over cloud service, when security or safety is breached, Onsky Gateway places calls directly to the homeowner’s mobile phone and his family members’ phones in multiple times to get their attention. This is an important feature because other solutions in the market only send out alert to mobile devices. In this case, user may not be able to see the alert or the app may not be on at the time.

Protect 24/7/365™