OnSky Inc.

OnSky is an USA manufacturer and provider of comprehensive smart home solutions that can be used in homes and commercial & industrial buildings. OnSky redefines smart home with its proprietary and breakthrough technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Hybrid-Mesh™ and OnSky Cloud that optimize security, safety, comfort and energy saving for user’s home and family.

OnSky has been in operation since March, 2014 with its headquarter in Silicon Valley, California.


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Onsky’s mission is to transform our Artificial Intelligence technology into a Virtual Guardian™ that is dedicated to perfect the security, safety, comfort and energy saving for your home and family. With Onsky Virtual Guardian™, you can be enjoyable, happy and worried-free whether you are at home or away from home.

Founder and Chairman

Onsky was founded by Mr. Hung C. Nguyen and a team of experts in internet of things (IoT). With over 25 years of experience in semiconductor, wireless, powerline communication, adaptive signal processing and Artificial Intelligence, Mr. Hung Nguyen is a well-known technologist and executive in Silicon Valley, USA. As a serial entrepreneur, he founded and led multiple startups to become successful technology companies globally. While serving at IBM and Quantum, he pioneered the digital adaptive technologies that transformed a book-size hard-disk drive to a tiny 1.8-inch device. As the founder of Blue7 Communications, Mr. Nguyen invented the extremely low-power Ultra-Wideband wireless chip that can be used for medical devices to save lives. A few years later he started Greenvity where he invented the world’s first single chip that integrates wireless and powerline communication (PLC) for smart city and cleantech applications that can save energy, reduce pollution and produce cleaner air. Holding over 35 patents, Mr. Nguyen desires to transform innovation and passion to practical applications that can serve humanity for the better. Onsky is his latest creation that aims to redefine smart home and security with IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.
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