Breaking the Walls, Virtually

Penetrate Many Walls and Cover Whole Building

How many times in a day would you lose WIFI signals on your tablet or cell phone? The typical answer is MANY times. Can wireless signal go through some concrete walls? No. Wireless signal gets degraded significantly when it travels through walls, doors, floors and objects. It is just physics! That is why it is a major problem of using wireless for security and smart lighting that require good connectivity at all times.

OnSky redefines smart home with unique technology: it incorporates the Hybrid MeshTM technology from Greenvity Communications to provide highly robust and reliable link. The Hybrid Mesh technology is a de facto standard for commercial and industrial buildings, that has the capability to send commands through the existing power line (in the walls) and wireless. Therefore, OnSky security and smart devices offer reliable connectivity for your smart home.

  • Penetrate through many walls
  • Always connected
  • Extend range and cover whole building
  • No wire installation is needed, use existing power line in the walls
  • Plug & Play

OnSky devices use both power line and wireless to communicate with Gateway. Each node is smart and can act as a repeater automatically.