Smoke Detector (OS-SMOKE-110) – Assistant only

The Smoke Detector (OS-SMOKE-110) is capable of detecting smoke when it is at high level based on EN 54-7 and EN 14604 standards. It uses the photoelectric sensor technology. When Smoke level is high, the smoke detector assistance will send alert to the Gateway wirelessly. Then the Gateway will produce multiple actions including sending the alert to your mobile app, triggering the alarm (siren), and flashing the lights. The OS-SMOKE-110 also emits its built-in siren sound.

Battery type3 AA batteries
Smoke DetectionBased on EN 54-7 standard and EN 14604 standard
Communication standardZigbee 2.4GHz
Communication distanceUp to 100m
Built-in Siren85dB
Operating Temperature-25°C to +70°C