Smart Light Adapter (OS-LED-110 / 120 / 130)

Combo Series

  • Required to work with OnSky Universal Gateway (OS-UniGW-110)
  • Connect it to any LED light and make it Smart instantly: remotely control On/Off, dimming, mixing colors (RGB) and changing color temperatures
  • Remotely control non-LED lights: On/Off (using relay output)
  • Each Smart Light Adapter can control from 1 to 6 lights independently
  • Up to 256 Smart Light Adapters can be controlled and managed by the Universal Gateway (OS-UniGW-11)
  • It is the industry’s only light controller that supports both wireless and powerline communications (Hybrid-Mesh technology)
  • Use existing power line in the wall or wireless for communication, no need to install new wires
  • Penetrate many concrete walls to cover whole building (using Hybrid-Mesh)
  • 110VAC – 277VAC / 50 Hz / 60Hz