Security & Safety Plug

Combo Series


Unlike other smart plugs that can only be controlled on/off, OS-PLUGS-120/121 is a pluggable device with multiple Security & Safety Functions

  • Required to work with OnSky Universal Gateway (OS-UniGW-110)
  • Plug it into any power outlet and it starts to protect your family and home
  • Security: Detect motion with Alarm mode available on mobile app
  • Safety: Monitor temperature and humidity on mobile app
  • Remote Control: Plug a light or appliance into it, you can remotely control it anywhere in the world!
  • Saving Energy: Automatically control lighting based on light brightness and air conditioner/heater based on temperature (used with OnSky Thermostat or IR controller)
  • Supports both wireless and powerline communications (Hybrid-Mesh technology): Penetrate many concrete walls, cover whole building and offer reliable communication
  • 110VAC – 277VAC / 50 Hz / 60Hz

Combo Series:

It packs multiple smart home features in a single device that enhances the usefulness and convenience and also lowers the total cost for users

Plug Types:

  • Input plug types: A, B and C
  • Output plug types: A and B
  • US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines …
  • OS-PLUGS-120: output plug has no round pin
  • OS-PLUGS-121: output plug has round pin

Mobile App:

Download “ONSKY SMART” App from Google App Store or Apple App Store