Home Security Starter Kit

Code: OS-SHSK-7

This is a professional and smart home security kit that enables you to start protecting your home and family. Then you can add many more smart devices from OnSky to your home for enhancing security, safety, comfort and energy saving.

  • Monitor and protect your family universally with forecast suspicious signals
  • Provide the fast-response security system with direct SMS & calls to your registered numbers
  • Introduce the do-it-yourself installation in 10 minutes
  • Automate your home with OnSky and a wide range of compatible devices

Designed & Assembled in USA

  • General Information
  • Specifications

OnSky offers the basic smart home security kit that you can purchase and start to experience the confidence and happiness that this innovative and reliable system will bring to your home and family. The installation is very easy as you can follow the instruction. Or you can contact one of our authorized dealers for professional installation.

  • Professional and Trustable Home Security System
  • FREE 12-Month Cloud-based Security Calling: OnSky makes direct call to your phones when intruder is detected
  • Protect your home 24/7/365: send alerts to your phone (via mobile app) when alarm is triggered (default)
  • Remote monitoring and controlling your home anywhere in the world

After using the starter kit, you can decide to add on many more smart devices from Onsky at any time in the future. Our products are designed to work with the Virtual Guardian™ (Gateway), so upgrading and scaling up your system should be a simple task to do.

When intruder is detected by OnSky system, it will do the following actions to protect your home:

  • Activate the loud siren to scare intruder away
  • Send alert message to your mobile app
  • Cloud-based Security Calling: Make direct call to you, your family members and/or neighbors (phone numbers can be programmed by you) – so you can get quick emergency responder
  • Cloud-based Security Calling: Send SMS text message to your mobile phone with location of security breach inside your home

1OnSky Universal Gateway

The OnSky Gateway is the brain of the security and smart home system. Powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, OnSky Gateway is truly smart that enables remote monitoring and controlling up to 256 devices. It is the World’s first and only iOT Gateway that supports Powerline Communication (PLC), Zigbee and Wifi, that covers your whole house with security and intelligence.1
2Motion Sensor

It is a sensitive IR sensor that detects movement and motion from people. It sends status to your mobile app. Battery is included.1
3Door Sensor

It detects the opening or closing of your door or window. It sends the status of the door/window to your mobile app. Battery is included.2
4Security & Safety Plug

This is a smart plug with IR motion sensor as special home security feature. It supports lamps or any pluggable appliances. Automatic control and scheduling are supported.1
5Smart Siren (Alarm)

A smart and loud alarm (95dB) that supports both AC plug and battery as backup that will ward off burglars and alert neighbors.1