Home Security Kit

On Sale: 17,490,000 VND.
OnSky’s Home Security Kit secures your sweet home 24/7/365

  • Detect intrusion and smoke level.
  • Popup security/safety alert via OnSky Smart app
  • Security Calling services will call and send SMS to three registered phone numbers simultaneously to inform exact location of security breach. So, you can get support and respond to possible incident. 
  • Automate smart devices via OnSky Smart app.
  • Easy installion within 10 minutes, no need to break the walls.
  • Easy to upgrade and add-in more OnSky’s smart devices.

2-year limited warranty.

  • General Information
  • Specifications

OnSky’s Home Security Kit secures your home and family with the integration of artificial intelligence technology and unique Hybrid-MeshTM technology. OnSky’s superior technology ensures that all devices are connected at all time, thus it allows for easy control, intelligent protection for your family 24/7/365.

Once OnSky’s devices detect intrusion or smoke, alerts will show up:

  • All lights will be on, siren will be triggered and will sound off.
  • Popup alerts on OnSky Smart app.
  • Security Calling services will call and send SMS with exact position of intrusion to three phone numbers simultaneously. 

Upon the debut of Petrosetco Distribution as an official distributor for OnSky’s products in Vietnam, OnSky’s Home Security Kit will now be on sale along with special giveaway 4.0 technology gift.  

1OnSky Universal Gateway

The OnSky Gateway is the brain of the security and smart home system. Powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, OnSky Gateway is truly smart that enables remote monitoring and controlling up to 256 devices. It is the World’s first and only iOT Gateway that supports Powerline Communication (PLC), Zigbee and Wifi, that covers your whole house with security and intelligence.1
2Smoke Detector

OnSky smoke detector is capable of detecting high level of smoke, triggering safety alert system, calling and sending SMS to registered phone numbers. 1
3Door Sensor

It detects the opening or closing of your door or window. It sends the status of the door/window to your mobile app. Battery is included.1
4Smart Siren (Alarm)

A smart and loud alarm (95dB) that supports both AC plug and battery as backup that will ward off burglars and alert neighbors.1
5Security and Safety Plug


This is a smart plug with IR motion sensor as special home security feature. It supports lamps or any pluggable appliances. Automatic control and scheduling are supported.1