Battery-less Motion Sensor (OS-MS-110)

Operated without battery, the motion sensor OS-MS-110 can be connected to a OS-LAM-110, OS-LAM-120 or OS-LAM-130 and it uses power from these devices. The motion sensor is used for security and energy saving for lighting. In Security mode, when unexpected movement is detected, it will wirelessly send alert to the OnSky Universal Gateway and then the Gateway will produce multiple actions including sending the alert to your mobile app, triggering the alarm (siren), and flashing the lights. In normal mode, it will turn ON/OFF the lights automatically as people come and go to save energy.

Battery typeNo battery is needed
Motion Detecting range10m
Detecting Cone AngleHorizontal: 1100, Vertical: 93°
Communication standardPLC and wireless (Hybrid Mesh)
Communication distance100m or longer